Could This Be My Soul Mate?


There has been a guy friend in my life since I was 17, and every time I have been single, the universe somehow has him appear before me, sometimes in the most random places. We always wind up casually dating and breaking it off. But he remembers things I tell him, we have instant attraction and my dreams of him are so vivid. Could this be my soul mate?

—Lauren, USA


Dear Lauren,

Most likely he is a dear friend from many past lifetimes. Whether or not he is your soul mate is an entirely different matter. There is much confusion over the topic of “soul mates” these days, so much so, that I compiled an article called “Looking for Your Soul Mate?” It explains what Paramhansa Yogananda and Swami Kriyananda have said about this intriguing subject: It think it will answer your questions much more fully than I have the space to answer here. Please do take the time to read it.

I also wrote a short novel which has this theme running through it too. It’s called Through Many Lives and is available through Crystal Clarity at this website