Could You Intepret This Vision With A “Shadowman”?


Could you Interpret this vision?

I was in a building with metal walls. I was laying on an exam table unconscious. My eyes were closed but now I could see through them. I could not move. I was not scared. Above me are figures (people?) suspended near the top of the walls (chorded?) They were also unconscious. I see shadowman walk around and gather stuff. He walks up to me and put his hand on my chest. I didn’t know of his intentions but I was able to mumble "we are one,God love you, your still my brother. — ?

—Melanie Thompson, United States


Dear Melanie,
Concerning visions and dreams, the first thing to do is to feel if it comes from the subconscious or the superconscious mind. Yogananda didn’t give subconscious dreams much importance, nor to the need to interpret them. Superconscious dreams, on the other hand, come with a a message, sometimes a life-transforming one. So did your vision/dream feel superconscious, from a high region, with clear colors and sounds, clear perceptions, high energy, laden with a message from Above?

At any rate, to interpret your vision:
Building: ego
Metal walls: strong ego
Exam table: exposed
Unconscious: not aware
Figures/people suspended (chorded): other fettered beings/attitudes
Shadowman: dark energy
But hands on your chest: enter into your heart
“We are one, you are my brother”: invitation

I would interpret it this way: be careful. There is a dark energy or tendency which is trying to enter you, maybe some temptation, or attitude, or something connected to the ego. This will bind you, as it has already chorded other parts of you. You are quite unconscious about it, unaware. Don’t think, “this too is God, this is my brother (part of me)”. Arjuna too, on the metaphorical battlefield in the Bhagavad Gita said, “These are my cousins and friends, I will not fight.” But he had too. Identify what this shadowman represents in your life, open your eyes, and send it away, fight it. It might be something your ego is attached to, so it’s probably not be easy.

All the best for your inner journey, jayadev