How Do I Know if I Am Seeing the Spiritual Eye?


Thanks for all the meditations and guidance that you offer... I have a question about the spiritual eye... I don’t ever see it as described but often see a star in a morning sky and wondered if this is akin to seeing the eye in some form?

—David, UK


It is so wonderful that you are able to benefit from the meditations and guidance you are part of, from Ananda Worldwide. What blessings will come to you from these efforts. We hope your Christmas was blessed with deep inner peace and joy. And your New Year is blessed with increased yearning to know God.

You are exactly correct that until our focus is clear we see the spiritual eye in a muted form. Whatever we see is a blessing. When our gaze is beheld perfectly, it takes the form of a five-pointed star set in a field of deep blue or violent light and circled by a shining ring of gold. Be grateful for however you see, or even don’t see, the manifestation of the Infinite at the spiritual eye. Some feel that manifestation as exquisite peace or hear it as the sound of the chakras. It is so beautiful how God presents Himself to us, each individually, ‘as we are’.

As you may know, to perfect your gaze, throughout the day, as often as you can remember, look up to the spiritual eye. Yogananda called this the second most powerful technique for our inner spiritual evolution, right after Kriya Yoga. In Conversations with Yogananda by Swami Kriyananda, there is an account of Master, when he first came to Sri Yukteswar’s ashram, talking about doing this concentration at the spiritual eye or ajna chakra. This concentration develops will power and when that is combined with the heart’s love, great joy comes. (section 216)

This is an affirmation you can do to deepen your inner gaze. Say, as if you are with Yogananda and with focused attention at the spiritual eye “I will leave my finite mansion for my Infinite Mansion through the tunnel of the Spiritual Eye and breathlessness.”

Many Blessings.