Deities, Gods, and Goddesses


friends what are the diffrence between the hindu Goods and the old greek and the gods from egypt and the old scandinavien gods like tor and odin are the hindu gods more real then the others? odin was for sure real to does how pray to him ,or are they consider false gods?thank u jon

—jon, noway


Dear Friend, Jon,

It is taught, down through the ages, that the Infinite Spirit creates and sustains the cosmos through the agency of astral and causal Beings: namely, gods, goddesses and the like. The existence of many levels of astral Beings has been affirmed and taught in every culture: angels, demons, devas, fairies and on and on.

These Beings play roles and have functions, much like a President or Minister or Government official. Thus the roles remain even if the names of those performing the roles change. In different cultures, names are given to the “deities” who hold certain universal roles. The sun god would be a common example. Known by many names, the role remains the same.

Some humans, more so in past times than now, worship these “lesser gods” perhaps to gain favor and material benefits; perhaps out of fear. But the highest teaching is that “God is One!” Thus the highest form of worship and inner communion is with the one and true God: the Infinite Spirit. Jesus prayed to God in the form of the father.

But our hearts and minds find it difficult to relate to an “infinite spirit” without name or form and not having been “introduced” as it were. Thus the worship of deities or one’s sat (true) guru form a stepping stone in the direction of Oneness, allowing our human hearts and minds and hands to relate and engage more easily.

It is less important to ask “Which god is more powerful or real” than it is to ask “How deep and sincere is my love, devotion and service to God” (in whatever form we hold dear and true to ourselves). The devotee should see in his beloved deity, the Infinite Lord standing behind, as it were. See the lesser god or guru as a vehicle for transmitting God consciousness.

So pray to God to help you find the “best way or form to worship.” God is in all forms; all atoms; all people; all teachers. Best, however, to find that form which inspires and guides you to become the best you can be.

Sincerely with blessings,
Nayaswami Hriman