Depression, Meditation, and How to Overcome Negative Thoughts


I am suffering from depression which is caused by the problems of fear of decease n fear of death.i have been practicing haung-sau and om meditation techniques from last 1 year but these thoughts are keep coming during meditaion.plz advice to avoid these negative thoughs during meditation and general advice to improve my condition

—kiran, India


Dear Kiran,

Sometimes during times when one experiences depression, fear or other negative emotions, it might not be enough to practice meditation, as the heart is too agitated.

Try adding meditative activities, like walking meditation with a repetition of a positive affirmation like this one by Swami Kriyananda:

“I am strong in myself, I am complete in myself. The joy and perfection of the universe, await discovery within my inner being.”

Try walking in nature and relating to the beauty of flowers, trees, and the sound of birds. Focus on deep breathing, and feeling life’s energy and vitality flowing through you. Feel the joy of your own being.

Spend time with positive supportive people.

Find a way to serve other people. Sharing and giving to other people will help you expand your self identity. As you feel more joyful, then you will find that the meditation practices will be more effective.

Right now, it is better to focus on self-expansion, through service to others, through meditative activities, and feeling the joy of your existence. And if you are taking prescription medication for depression, continue that.

Nayaswami Diksha