What are the Devas?


Please explain all about the Devas. Thank you very much.

—Myke Black, United Kingdom


Dear Myke,

There is an eternal battle going on in our world, between Light and darkness. Both sides act through instruments: the Light works through angelic beings, called Devas, or “shining angels.” The darkness works through demonic beings called asuras.

According to Hindu mythology, there are hundreds of thousands of devas. Each of them represents an aspect of the Infinite God. Only through all these aspects are we able to comprehend the enormity of the Divine. To try to explain all of them would be next to impossible.

One example, however, would be Agni, the Deva of fire, father of Arjuna, responsible of the manipur chakra, which represents fiery self-control, he who purifies all actions offered to him. Thus, the element of fire has been associated with a Deva/angel, thereby making it a living reality in our lives: someone whom we can commune with.

There are many types of Devas, or angels. You may read about them in Swami Kriyananda’s inspiring book How to be a Channel, in which he writes: “Angels roam the streets of man. They inspire with uplifting thoughts and beautiful ideas those whose minds and hearts are open to them.”

In fact you may pray to be in contact with the Devas. They are here to help us. The Bhagavad Gita (3:11) teaches: “With this offering, commune with the devas (shining angels), that they may commune also with you. Through such mutual communion you will arrive at the highest good.”

Most importantly, all of us are called to become Devas, or angels, right here on earth. Yogananda teaches this prayer: “Father, may Thy earth be Thy heaven, and may Thy children be Thy angels, living in harmony, seeking to help one another to become prosperous, powerful, and wise, and above all, may they be kind, have understanding, and be loving and happy.”

Using my given example as a key, I encourage you to discover the hidden Devas in your life.