i am just a beginner in yoga and meditation. what should i do to increase my connectivity to god? i don't even know the perfect yoga postures as i have no teacher around....

please help me out friends.

—shweta, india


Dear Friend,

During the day and in meditation and yoga practice, talk to God in the silent language of your own heart. Talk to God as your nearest and dearest friend. Share everything you think, feel, and seek, and especially ask for the grace to love God ever more. With the simple words of a chela, a child, a disciple, keep your focus on God’s presence within you, in everyone you meet, and in all of life’s circumstances: whether pleasant, difficult or ordinary.

With this kind of devotion God will send to you a teacher, a guru, your own Ishta Devata (ideal form of God suitable to your spiritual growth and soul’s inclindation).

God has everything. God IS everything. But what God doesn’t have, unless you offer the gift, is your love, your interest, your attention.

Blessings from Ananda,