Did My Dream of My Guru Come from Him?


I dreamt 3days ago, that I saw myself hugging my guru Swami Vidyadishanandaji. I was sitting at his side, he was smiling and receiving the hug and I felt great joy and love (platonic), but I was the seer seeing this happen to me in the dream. What is the emanating of this dream?Is Swamiji somehow communicating or is this something in my own subconscious?

—nancy, USA


Dear Nancy,

Paramhansa Yogananda teaches that nightly dreams are generally of two kinds. Most dreams are subconsciously produced and come out of our memories. This common sort of dream is not all that important to remember or try to receive guidance from them.

Occasionally, however, we have superconscious dreams, and it is definitely a good idea to pay attention to that kind! When your Guru appears to you in a dream, you can be reasonably sure that this is a superconscious dream and a great blessing for you, from God through your Guru.

The best way to find out if there is some other message being offered to you through the dream, is to pray deeply to your Guru at the beginning of your meditations. Ask if there is some special message for you to receive from this dream. Wait for his answer to come at the close of your meditation or perhaps later. If no specific answer comes, then know that it simply was a loving blessing for you, to be cherished in your heart.