Do I deserve my blessings?


I got a abusive call last night. The caller told me i had no right to be successful in life, since i am a storyteller and nothing more. I immidiately practiced forgiveness, but can't help feeling maybe the person is right and I don't deserve my blessings. Is this true?

—nira, US


Dear Nira,

So sorry you had to hear such challenging words about your life. It sounds like the person who said them to you may have a sad life or is envious of who you are and what you do. (Storytelling sounds like a wonderful occupation to me!) In any case, you did exactly the right thing in immediately praying for him or her and practicing forgiveness.

But no, this person is not right. We DO deserve our blessings. They are the results of loving God and living a good life, in this lifetime or in past lifetimes.

Some people seemed to live blessed lives and some are not so fortunate. Why is this so? Karma! Whatever we sow, that is what we also reap. So if your life is full of blessings, you did something in the past to draw them to you. Rejoice! And when suffering comes to us, as it always will sooner or later, then also rejoice. For if we take our suffering in the right way, we see that we are just getting rid of old baggage from the past and learning how to not make those same mistakes again. Whatever comes, let it come. Share it with God. Give it to God. All is well!

I have heard Swami Kriyananda say: “It’s not always wise to listen to people’s opinions, for they are wrong most of the time anyway.” Listen instead to the wisdom of the Great Ones like Yogananda and Jesus. Listen to the intuitive guidance you can receive from your own Higher Self in meditation.