Do Your Best and Let Guru Do the Rest


Is it a hard and fast rule that one should meditate sitting straight? My spine is weak and difficult for me to sit for a long time to meditate. Can I use an easy chair (recliner chair) and continue my meditation? Kindly reply sir.

—Vogeti Bapuji, India


Dear One,

You ask a very good question. It is not a hard and fast rule that you must meditate sitting straight for long periods of time. It is highly suggested that you do your best not to slouch while meditating. The energy that can flow up and down the spine while meditating will go in the direction it needs to go for a variety of reasons. Including, but not limited to; your focus, (at the point between the eyebrows), the makeup of the meditation technique, your sincere desire to raise the energy up the spine and your genuine devotion. And know that the energy in the spine is made of cosmic consciousness. This energy works on a extremely subtle level. It comes from the Divine and it knows what you are trying to do. That, plus, God’s Grace will keep the energy flowing where it needs to go regardless of how straight you sit in meditation. Guru’s Grace and your heartfelt devotion is a winning combination. Do your best and let God and Guru do the rest and victory will be yours.

Quite a few of devotees at Ananda Village are starting to use some form of a recliner chair due to problems with their spine. Watching them meditate, I can’t help but feel they are in deep meditation. So work on deepening your meditation more than lengthening your meditation with your spine perfectly straight. And may you will feel God’s love, joy and bliss with every breath.

Joy to you,