Does My Inner Peace Lead Me to Talk Too Much?


With regularity in spiritual practices and more or less constant remembrance of God, I feel joyous, alive, and peaceful throughout the day. My abilities to think and articulate have been greatly refined due to the invocation of God and His divine mercy and love. However, I find myself interacting with too many people, often unconsciously, without restraint on the themes touched upon or the manner of conversation. This I feel, is a misuse of powers bestowed by God. As this is not intended, please help.

—Anonymous, India


Dear friend,

I am happy you are joyful and peaceful through your spiritual life and that God is giving you the grace of clear thought and articulation.

How to talk and interact with more discrimination? The answer lies in self-awareness and self-control. First, self-awareness: With whom do I want to interact, and when? Very clearly answer it yourself.

Then, self-control: Your habit may make you interact all the time on all sorts of topics and in many ways. But say to yourself, “Stop.” Take a deep breath and try to feel centered in yourself. Act with self-control as much as you can, deciding consciously what to do and when.

You may find it helpful to consciously speak little for a while if you can. In this way, your interactions will become not an unconscious pattern but a conscious one.

May you continue to feel blessed,