Does Our Meditation Practice Benefit Others?


The question arose from a spiritual friend

"Who do we (Yogananda's disciples) dedicate our meditations to?" I naturally thought that when I meditate I dedicate everything to God but the result of the meditation is expansion. My friend being from another path said she dedicates all her meditations for the benefit of all other sentient beings. Can you comment on this topic? Thank you!

—maia, usa


Dear Maia,


The practice of meditation is the most positive act mankind can do for oneself, others and the planet.

By actively making the deep inner connection to the Divine Source of all life, we generate a magnetism of peace. As more and more people focus their hearts, thoughts, and aspirations in this way, it creates a powerful field of spiritual magnetism.

Essentially this makes peace, joy, love, calmness more palpable for everyone who is making some effort to attune themselves to higher, expanded consciousness. We shine more light so others may find their way.

You have the right attitude in giving your practice to God. The point is to dissolve the post of the ego. When we do this, we can more readily feel the true reality of our expanded Self as One with All.

Your friend’s practice is also achieving the same goal in a different way. Many are the paths to God!

Warmest Blessings,