Dreaming of the Spiritual Eye


I had a dream in which I was sleeping, and I was concentrating on my spiritual eye. Suddenly I felt a bright white light (too dense) in which I was completely absorbed. I found my body was being uplifted, and I could hear an unusual sound (bell type) and feel a sensation in my 3rd eye. I felt so much joy in that state; there was nothing except light. Then I realize that I was unable to come out of that state, so I prayed to gurus and God. After that, I woke up. This happened twice. Does it meant something or it was just a dream?

—Vaibhav, India


Dear Vaibhav,

What wonderful dreams for you to have had! They sound like superconscious dreams, gifts to you from God and gurus, and certainly not to be feared in any way.

Yogananda explains that most of our nightly dreams are merely subconscious “ramblings” and processing of both new and old memories, and thus we should not give them much attention or emphasis, because they have very little, if any, spiritual significance.

But occasionally superconscious, God-given dreams do come to us. Yogananda teaches that there are several ways to tell the difference between subconscious and superconscious dreams. I discuss these ways in my book called The Meaning of Dreaming which will be released by Crystal Clarity Publishers later this year. But for sure, I’d say that these dreams you have described are God-given.

The sound of the bell is the inner AUM sound of the heart chakra. The fact that you felt so much joy is a very good sign. When things like this happen to a sincere seeker or if there is any uneasiness (you mentioned that you were “…unable to come out of that state,” then the best thing to do is exactly what you did. Pray to God and gurus for help and guidance. It will come!

You ask what a dream like this means. Most likely, it means you are being blessed and that you now should pursue your spiritual path and meditations with great energy.