Dreams, Space Travel, Food


1. If we are the “mini creators, like God, at night”, like Master said, how do I create my dreams at night when I never willed to dream?

2. The current Mars One project is fascinating to me (whether it’s realistic or not). But did Master say anything about such space travel projects coming true?

3. Someone offers me food much more than my capacity. If I eat just my need, I would waste some and it’s bad karma; overeat, again bad karma. What is the best action? Please answer. Thank You.

—Truthseeker, India


Dear Truthseeker,

You have posed at least 3 questions! I will therefore apologize to you and our readers in advance for the length of this response!

1. The sub-conscious mind is of course the filtrate through which our nightly dreams are projected onto the screen of our ever watchful mind. We are not our minds, nor yet our sub-conscious. All is a projection of God’s consciousness. Therefore the idea that “we” are the DOER of anything, including nocturnal dreams, is, in an ultimate sense, at least, a false statement.

More practically speaking, however, the dream factory of the subconscious takes its material from the warehouse of our innumerable impressions taken in through the five senses during our wakeful life, from past life impressions, and from our conscious thought processes and emotional reactions to thoughts, fantasies and sense stimuli. It’s much like the “back-lot” of a Hollywood studio: filled with fantastic stage sets from Roman history, or the future, or medieval times, replete with costumes, languages, and characters.

In this great factory of the ever-active sub-conscious Mind is produced the (generally) irrational, humorous, and non-sense oriented “stuff” of nocturnal dreams. During the day, the sub-conscious activity is subdued or sublimated by the more fresh, light, and active conscious mind. At night it has an opportunity to walk upon the stage of our watchful Mind.

Sometimes, our higher mind, Superconsciousness (or Soul) can use the material of the sub-conscious stage sets, scripts, and material to communicate to us a message that it wishes to give us. In such cases, we (usually) take note and intuitively sense that the dream is more important than usual. But because this message has come to us through the usually insignificant filter of the subconscious mind, we have to work a little harder or pay more attention to separate the irrationality of subconscious material from the supra-rational message from the Superconscious mind.

Your question essentially presupposes that the conscious Mind is YOU! It is not. It is but the ego. Through meditation and the precepts and practices of a life of faith and devotion, one begins to identify more and more with the spacious mind of the Soul (superconsciousness) and ultimately with the Oversoul of the Supreme Power which many call God.

2. Master did say that the time is coming when mankind will travel to distant planets and, I believe, that the current limitations of space-time travel (i.e. speed of light) would be overcome.

3. Eat only what you need to keep your body fit for God-realization. All else is secondary. Be polite of course to those who are serving you. Eat slowly, chew long and thoughtfully; do not gulp or gobble your food. Eat food for health but don’t let the food “eat you” (your long-term health). Bless your food as a manifestation of God in the form of prana, energy, and nutrition. Thank God for the blessing of food for the health of the body and thank those through whom this blessing is given. You don’t have to explain or apologize. After a few sessions of this, those in your family will begin to accept your calm, quiet but silently firm priority in regards to food.

Blessings to you!

Nayaswami Hriman