Encourage Others and Support Them, but Don’t Impose


Hello, My sister is a very loving person at heart, but sadly she doesnt seem to get along with people! She has a strong ego and an attention seeking nature such that where ever she goes, she quickly finds the people around her hugely problamatic and unfair! She feels that the whole world is unfair when it comes to her. She just doesnt see that she is the architect of her own misery! The end result is that she creates hell for herself and for those around her! Is there any hope for her?

—A, Canada


It’s important to realize that we cannot change other people’s behavior. It is really up to them.

What we can do is offer ourselves as an example of positive and expansive qualities in the way that we live our own lives. Our spiritual magnetism can be very helpful in supporting others in recognizing their own potential.

It’s helpful to also offer encouragement to your sister to find the good in other people and circumstances; this will help draw out her own goodness more and more.

But if she is not responsive to your suggestions then be sure to include her in your healing prayers.

Your sister would certainly benefit from learning to meditate, if she hasn’t done so already. Meditation can be very effective in changing negative patterns. Using affirmations can be another way to open up to a positive change.

Be encouraging in these ways to your sister but let go of any expectation.