Have humans evolved from apes by natural selection, or are we the result of a special creation by God?

Or, moreover, does the answer include both these views?



—Nirmal, UK


Dear Nirmal,

Thank you for your question. According to Yogananda, man is a unique creation of God’s. He said that scientists are looking for the “missing link,” but they’ll never find it. He said that the human nervous system was uniquely designed by God so that human beings are capable of realizing their oneness with Him.

The science of yoga is about learning to redirect our energy away from the senses, back to the spine and to the spiritual eye, the point between the eyebrows. It is through bringing our energy completely to the spiritual eye that we realize our own divinity.

If you are interested in evolution, you might be interested in two of Swami Kriyananda’s books: Out of the Labyrinth and Hope for a Better World.

Joy to you,

Nayaswami Anandi