Hong-Sau technique


Good day

While meditating using the hong sau techique, I find that my eyes are not steady in focus but often quiver and I have a difficult time calming them down. Not sure why this happens. Pls help.

Also, I had undergone the first level in Jan09. Any update on when the second level will be held in Mumbai, India.

—Nair, India


Hello Nair,

What you are experiencing is not uncommon, and it can have a couple of causes.

First, you may be lifting your gaze too high. Your eyes should be turned upward as though you are gazing at something at least an arm’s length in front of you, and slightly above horizontal. It should feel comfortable, not a strain at all. In fact, it should feel as though you’re relaxing your eyes upward.

Second, you may be leaving your eyelids half open. That is indeed the ideal position, but until the mind becomes quite calm, the eyelids will tend to flutter or quiver when in that position. Best to close your eyelids (still gazing slightly upward) until the mind calms enough that the fluttering goes away.

For info on second level training in Mumbai, please write Ananda India: ananda@anandaindia.org

I hope this helps.

Blessings on your practice,