How and Why Does Consciousness Exist?



Till now, I've understood that the world is made of consciousness, and is an illusion, which I accept, and am experiencing entirely.

But, Why/how does consciousness/spirit itself exist ?

—Som, Ind


An understandable question, but not really answerable through this medium. To a similar question, Sri Yukteswar, Yogananda’s guru, replied, “Leave a few questions to be answered by the Divine.”

In regard to this question, Swami Kriyananda has also said that the rational, reasoning mind keeps looking for reasons for everything. It is bothered when it comes up against something that is outside of reason and that is absolute.

Consciousness simply is. The mind can’t find a reason for it and, therefore, get beyond it. Consciousness is the fabric of the universe and can only be understood completely through direct experience in deepening meditation. May you have that direct experience!