How Do I Calm My Mind?


I am not able to meditate up to the mark. All the unwanted and negative thoughts of my bad karma always hinder my mind. Please advise how to make my mind calm and free of thoughts.

—deepraj joshi, india


Dear Deepraj Joshi,

You are not alone in your battle. All of us face the battle of the mind in meditation. But there is hope.

At Ananda we practice a traditional meditation technique that was brought to us by Paramhansa Yogananda from India. This technique helps to calm the mind and experience peace and deep concentration.

Here is the link to the video and the instructions on how to meditate:

I am also including the link to the Ananda Meditation App that you can download for free, with many guided meditations:

Ananda Meditation App

Best wishes on your spiritual journey,

Nayaswami Diksha