How to Know God’s Will


Dear teacher,

I've read that we all should do God's will instead of our own. But i want to know how to know what God wants? If we have to make a choice or some decision, how to invite God to make that decision? And how to know if that intuition is guided? For now, i take help of course in deciding what is right but if some important or critical decision comes and i have to make a decision, how to know? How to make intuition give convincing answers?

—Vinay, India


Dear Vinay,

Developing intuition takes time and sincere practice. First, we have to learn to become free in ourselves and willing to do whatever God wants. Then, we have to learn to quiet the mind through meditation practice and be able to hold the mind at the spiritual eye and ask for a response. We then need to be able to listen sensitively in our hearts to get a feeling for what is right.

This process is explained very, very well in the book Intuition for Starters by Swami Kriyananda. If you are living near New Delhi, you might want to contact our work in India to see if they have the book available or if they have a minister who can go through the process in greater detail. They can also help you develop a strong meditation practice, which is an invaluable part of learning to develop intuition.

You can go to their website here at to find Ananda centers near you, and to see if their publishing house has yet printed Intuition for Starters.

Joy to you,