How to Overcome Addictions?


I become easily addicted to anything that takes me away from present moment,digital technology,sleep,fantasizing.I can’t stop myself instead of my so many efforts.I completely stop doing what I want to be free from, but it comes back stronger than before.Escapism is like a drug.withdrawal symptoms and very strong compulsion also show up.please point out my mistakes show me right path.(astrology says these escapist tendencies are coming from my past lifetimes,so very strong.)

—V, India


Dear V,

The fact that you are aware of the battle and want to overcome it is a good beginning.

The most important tool is to develop a strong will power to help you direct energy into wholesome activities, and avoid feeding old bad habits.

Since it is not easy to do it alone, you can search and join a support group. Meeting regularly, with a group of positive people, who are making the effort to overcome addictions, will keep you motivated to make positive changes, and help you to develop strong will power.

Mahatma Ghandi gave a good advice:

Don’t give up a lower pleasure, until you can replace it with a higher pleasure.

If you only stop doing what you did before, and don’t replace it, it creates a vacuum, and the old habits will come right back.

In order to overcome old addictions, you need to replace them with wholesome activities.

Wholesome activities can be: cooking healthy foods, starting an exercise routine, practicing yoga, meditating etc.

Paramhansa Yogananda’s book: How To Be A Success can be helpful too.

Blessings on your journey,

Nayaswami Diksha