Human Life on Earth


How long have homo sapiens sapiens lived on earth? I think I remember Yogananda writing that it has been 6 million years, which conflicts with accepted history. And how does that correlate with reincarnation?

—Annie, USA


Annie, Yogananda stated that civilized man has lived on this earth for 50 million years! Every few years discoveries are made that turn the clock of accepted science back another few million: so they are “getting there!” The estimate of the earth’s existence is over 4 billion years!

He also confirmed that the universe, with its 100 billion galaxies, is teeming with life and that reports of UFO’s are most surely accurate (at least some of them). Thus reincarnation knows no bounds and is not limited to this one tiny speck of dust we call the earth.

Yogananda further stated that in the nights and days of Brahma (a cycle of time of many billions of years during which the cosmos is alternatingly manifest and then withdrawn), any particular soul may still be searching, coming again and again in countless incarnations, armed with the free will to seek God and truth or to continue seeking happiness in and as the creation (of duality) itself.

Just as science continually expands our view of material realities, so, too, do the metaphysical realities far exceed our human comprehension. Take a deep breath, smile, and know that “the kingdom of heaven is within you!” “Not Lo here, or lo there!” There is no other reality for you or I except the present moment. Past, present, and future exist here in the timeless Eternity of NOW: the I AM. Know this and be free. Be this, and be happy.

Nayaswami Hriman
Seattle WA USA