Is There an Unhappy Spirit in My Home?



How do you know if someone is trying to communicate with you? It seems as though every time I cry about the same thing, that night something happens. Such as my bracelet got snapped in my bathroom, my chair moved in the kitchen, and I get cold chills as though something walks through me. My boyfriend stayed over last night and I was upset about the same thing and we both suddenly felt a cold chill and felt as though something was in my room.


—Sonia, England


Dear Sonia:

I will answer you as best as I can, based on what Paramhansa Yogananda said about this subject and on other similar situations, which have come up for us over the years.

It sounds like an “unhappy” spirit has gotten confused and is hanging around your home, when he or she should be going onward into the astral worlds or getting ready for another incarnation.

Generally these “entities” are really to be pitied and not feared. CONFUSION is the right word to describe them and generally they mean no harm. They just can’t figure out what they are supposed to be doing now – where they are supposed to be.

I doubt there is any meaningful kind of communication that needs to happen, unless you are fairly sure that this is someone you know who is very close to you and who has died recently.

But remember that this is never a permanent state, and their evolution CAN be helped and speeded up by anyone who cares to intervene (in the right way, of course). Keeping the photo of Paramhansa Yogananda, Jesus, or another saint or Master in the room/home is very good to do and should help. Light some incense or a scented candle often. Keep the lights on, possibly even a a very bright light. If you feel something (you mention cold chills) remember that it’s really just sad and nothing to be afraid of.

You should, as often as possible, surround yourself in a halo of white light (mentally or physically encircling/moving your hands around your body). If you are OK with doing something like a protective mantra while doing the Light thing, a good one is “Aum (Om)-Tat-Sat” (pronounced OM-Taht-Saht) said mentally or out loud also.

Close your eyes and address this “lost” soul very calmly and lovingly, but firmly, saying something like: “Please listen! You don’t belong here now! I ask you now, in the name of God, the Great Ones, and the Spirit of Goodness, Peace, Love, and Eternal Light, to move onward to your best place to be, beyond this physical world.”

You can safely do this alone, but it is best if you have help if at all possible. Is there someone else there – you mentioned your boyfriend or any other good friends or relatives who can help you with this?

Try sacred readings, reading out loud, from holy books, prayers, and uplifting music (chanting or playing some of our chants if you can).

Always have a strong sense of compassion. Nobody (dead or alive) is bad in the essence of their souls. We may do bad or bothersome things, but no one needs to be identified with the wrong deeds he or she may have done in the past.

Since your being upset, crying, or being strongly emotional seems to draw these unhappy events to you, try, when you are feeling emotional, to do some deep breathing exercises, some meditation, or affirmations and prayers, to really calm yourself down. Emotions OUT of control are only going to create a confused vibration all around you, which will not help your situation in any way.

Finally, healing prayers REALLY work, so that would be a first line of defense suggestion for you to try. We will add our prayers to yours! If you are not familiar with how to do healing prayers, please go to this website: /prayers/