I’ve Been Psychically Attacked. What To Do?


Beloved Ananda, I’d like to know how to protect myself. A person living next door to me has been attacking me psychically for 5 years. Now, when I’m trying to sleep (when in REM sleep), she makes a loud noise from over the wall & it startles me. I cannot sleep & most nights in apprehension of this happening, I stay awake. She has tuned into my energy & I want to tune out of this frequency as it has happened after I finish my meditation also. Please help! Thank you.



Dear KK,

I will tell you a few things which should help you overcome this situation. The best protection is a big aura, strengthened by inner fearlessness.

1) A big aura is established by a strong flow of energy in the body, which is generated by strong will-power. The best would be to practice Yogananda’s Energization exercises twice a day, with strong will and tension, sending powerful energy into your body. You can find the energisation exercises on YouTube, if you don’t know them. Type: “Yogananda energization exercises”. Practice them in a way that you feel vibrant inside. The greater your aura (or magnetic field), the less any outer influence can touch you.

2) The second point is, as I said, fearlessness. In truth you are a powerful soul. Nothing can harm you if you don’t allow it. Make your mind strong by applying Yogananda’s affirmation regularly: “Danger and I are born together, but I am more dangerous than danger.”

3) During the day, try to feel a strong inner center, which is best established through daily meditation, and later sending that harmonious energy outward. This outward flowing energy will create like a protective shield around you, which you will also carry into the night.

4) Before going to bed, pray to a spiritual Master to be at your side all night long. Mentally keep him/her at your side. He will infuse you with magnetism and strength and can indeed act as a energetic and psychic “bodyguard”.

5) Don’t pray to God for this situation to change. Pray that you may develop the inner strength to be untouched by whatever any neighbour or person does, learning to become a serene Queen/King in your castle.

In short: decide that five years have been long enough. These attacks can’t harm you if you don’t allow them to. See this situation as a gift of God to you, to train you in inner strength. You are a lion inside, but something in you still feels quite weak and unprotected. If you contact your inner lion, nothing will be able to touch you, not even death.

All the best to you, great and powerful soul,