Kriya Yoga and Buddhism


i am a buddhist, i have complete faith in the buddha and his dharma. moreover i am also attracted to yoga as it is explained by yoganada in his classic autobiography. i want to be clear if i will be welcome when i approach ananda to learn kriya yoga. will my buddhist faith be a disqualification for initiation into the method of kriya yoga? does your community insist on converting to hinduism or sanathan dharma before any real empowerment can be given?

—avin, india


Dear Avin,

Your Buddhist faith does not disqualify you from Kriya Yoga initiation.

However, the Kriya Yoga technique does require on the meditator’s part a receptive openness and love for Paramhansa Yogananda and our other lineage of gurus.

Kriya isn’t a mechanical technique, it is one that is empowered by the magnetic influence of the guru. So there should be a strong bond of deep appreciation and gratitude for our line of gurus. If this is something you deeply feel, then I would encourage you to contact us. Paramhansa

Yogananda taught several meditation techniques like Hong Sau that one can learn without taking discipleship. This is a very profound practice and it is one that he called baby Kriya. You can learn this right away on our website.

Blessings and light,