Kriya Yoga Missionaries!


What about Africa?

This continent has a great need for the teachings of meditation and Kriya Yoga, but most of all contact with realized individuals who could give initiation. Will the people of Africa always have to make do with the scraps of the table? Like Vivekananda I also cry out to the heavens for a dispensation for my land, not earthly, but spiritually.

We cannot afford to travel to the distant lands to receive initiation, what will become of us?

—John, South Africa


Dear John,

Ananda sent teachers to Nigeria some years ago and actively supported a work outside of the capital for quite some time.

Perhaps you are right and it is time to try again. Perhaps your plea expresses Divine Mother’s guidance.

However we shall see how, when, and where this guidance unfolds. I cannot answer questions regarding the karma of the peoples and nations of Africa. There does seem to be some karma which as a whole has resulted in great suffering on all levels.

I do know, however, that as souls call out to God for guidance in the form of kriya, that prayer must be answered.

Ananda acts primarily through its individual members, their inspirations, and dharma in cooperation with Ananda’s founder, Swami Kriyananda. So no single person among us can say what, when, where or how.

Perhaps the answer begins with you.