My aging mother disapproves of spiritual practices


My mother has always been about her and what she thinks is right and its right for everyone. Spiritual awakening is my goal. I do the spiritual practice around her. She is aging, 79, fearful, lonely, mother whom I would not choose as a friend, who calls and crosses boundaries and judges and tells me what to do/is wrong with my parenting skills/husband etc. How best can I interact with her? especially at times when I am weakest. I set boundaries and she becomes a victim. I am sincere-HELP!

—Diana Barrett, USA


Dear Diana,

I understand what you mean. We have a friend here in the community who is similar. She was a teacher and thinks she knows all. It’s difficult to be around her, but then I realize she’s ours and therefore someone to work with and respect.

I don’t think your mother will change, not at her age. It takes conscious energy therefore to be around her. The best thing you can do is to know that what you are doing and who you are is right for you. If you are secure within yourself, nothing anyone can say should upset you. Ha, that’s truly a Master, one totally without ego.

Do, though, test this idea of feeling very good about yourself, meditate on it, and ask the Divine to help you. Another thought is to not only give her loving energy as much as you can, but to give her respectfully, loving humor in most of your interactions – never sarcasm or a put-down, but fun-loving joy. This will eventually ease her stress and in a higher vibration, she will change.

Joy to you,