How Not To Get Distracted By Sexual Content


Hello, I am 18 yrs old. My question: with sexual content almost appearing everywhere, what should I do to not get distracted and disgusted by it?

—Anshuman, India


Dear Anshuman,

Swami Kriyananda closed his eyes whenever he was watching a film and a sexual scene appeared. You can do the same. When in TV, or in a publicity, or in a magazine some sexual content appears, just turn the page, or gaze elsewhere.

You can even turn that kind of content into a positive stimulus: every time it appears, think that it has come to you as a reminder to think of something inspiring. Maybe of the Divine Presence, or of someone who deeply inspires you, or of a mantra or an affirmation.

This strategy is similar to strong noises in meditation, which can easily distract and annoy, but can also be turned into a prod to concentrate more strongly within, on inner peace or soul-freedom.

Yogananda described “wine, sex, and money” as maya’s strongest weapons. So it is very wise for you to seek ways not to get distracted, while all the world is running for them.

All the best,