Obstacles to Meditation


Namaste. The Great Masters have said how Kriya yoga is a complete solution to all problems we face and how it can change the brain, thereby changing our karma itself. But for me it feels as though I need Kriya to get to learn Kriya yoga itself. Every time I try to meditate seriously with the aim of learning Kriya(because it requires that kind of preparation) lots of forces get me out of my practice. What should I do?

Thanks and Regards,


—Aishwarya, India


Dear Aishwarya,

To attain the benefits of Kriya Yoga requires a lifelong dedication.

To succeed in your practice, you need to draw on your dedication, devotion and willpower to do it. It is normal to face obstacles that will try to prevent you from your meditation practice. This is a part of the battle of life that we face daily. There are forces that will try to prevent you from meditating.

So, no matter how many times you experience distracting forces trying to stop you from practicing, exert your willpower and continue. Pray to God and the Kriya Yoga masters to help you and strengthen you in your efforts. If you don’t give up, and continue to practice, despite difficulties, you’ll find that the power of these forces will lessen and gradually, it will get easier for you to practice meditation and go deeper.

Blessings on your practice,
Nayaswami Diksha