Opening the spiritual eye


What’s the correct way to open the spiritual eye? When I’m trying on my own to concentrate over there my heartbeat rises and pain starts in eyes and head. Also I’m unable to fix the eyes wanders randomly. I can’t concentrate. Please help.

—Rishabh Mishra, India


Dear Rishabh,

It seems you are trying to force something to happen, when in fact the entire spiritual path is, as Swami Kriyananda said, a process of upward relaxation. Let your concentration on the spiritual eye take the form of relaxing toward the spiritual eye, not hammering at the doorway. Let that relaxation be fueled by your heart’s yearning rather than trying to force an opening. It is not passive; it amounts to relaxing away from what you are not (body, personality, desires, likes and dislikes, past actions, roles in life, etc.), and giving yourself completely into your higher, true identity: the divine light.