Sometimes I have many negative thoughts and it even disrupts my meditations. I am sometimes afraid that the same negative thought will manifest so i start praying to Master or God. I still feel uneasy.

—M.K, Malaysia


Dear M.K.,

It is doubtful that there is anyone on earth who has not had many negative thoughts at some point or other in their lives.

Even those who meditate regularly still face negativity coming up from within themselves!

This is a part of the process of spiritual healing or purification, which happens to anyone who is meditating regularly and who has taken up a spiritual path in earnest. When you do that, old “baggage” of negativity from this and other lifetimes surfaces.

This is a good thing! It is harder to be healed when we don’t even know what needs healing. This is how we release our past karma.

The trick is to not let the negative thoughts or guilt cause you to get pulled down into negativity. When thoughts like these come up, either in daily life or in meditation, just observe them, then detach from them. This is not the real you. Negative thoughts are like barnacles clinging to a ship.

Say: “I am NOT my thoughts or actions, good or bad! I am an infinite, free soul, made in the image of God. I release these things back into God’s hands. I AM FREE!”

Keep affirming this often.

Eventually, we are able to see the truth of an affirmation like this, for it is true!

Negative thoughts are just temporary patterns. Don’t give them any power by dwelling on them. Don’t identify with them or they will gain power over you, and spin you into further negativity.

This is not easy at first, but it is a necessary step for anyone who wants a life of spiritual growth. Eventually it becomes a wonderful part of life which leads to unending bliss.

And you are definitely doing the right thing in praying to Master and God for help, but do your part also with a good, positive mental attitude and positive affirmations.

Eventually your aura will become so strong that negativity can no longer touch you.

Try this guided meditation to help get rid of negative thoughts.

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