Every time I slip into a meditative state, there is this ball of blue light which appears over and over again throughout my meditation. It’s been only few months that I started chanting mantra and looking at the spiritual eye. While this has uplifted me and helped me be more calm, relaxed and more stable as a person, I am not able to understand what this blue light means. Does this tell anything about myself I do not know? Or Is it a way of communication between God and me?

—Amrutha, India


Dear Amrutha,

Most likely, the blue light during meditation you are seeing is a part of colors and shapes of the third or spiritual eye, which often appears to meditators, at the point between the eyebrows. It is a great blessing to have this happen!

When seen perfectly, the spiritual eye is a dark indigo (bluish-purple) circle or tunnel of light, surrounded by a golden halo of light. In the center is a tiny, silvery-white star of light. Eventually you will see it in this form.

You mention that seeing the blue ball of light during meditation makes you feel uplifted, calm, relaxed, and stable. I would suggest that you continue to meditate on it and enjoy these feelings.

Pray at the beginning of your meditation, that if there is any special or personal spiritual message for you from this light, it will be revealed to you at the close of your meditation. If you don’t feel or hear a specific answer at that time, keep asking through prayer when you meditate. The answer also might come later and at any time, not only when you are meditating.

What this tells you about yourself is that you are applying yourself to your meditation practices in a good way and in turn, God is blessing you with light. Be very grateful for what is happening for you! And yes, seeing light in any form it is a wonderful part of communion between you and God through meditation.

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