When I was meditating, I saw a blue light but just for a second only. How can I solve this matter so that I can see this blue light for as long as I can?

—rajah, Malaysia


Dear Rajah,

If you are seeing blue light in meditation you may be seeing a part of the spiritual eye especially if your experience is accompanied by a sense of deep peace, calmness, joy or another divine quality. Because you want to see this blue ‘as long as you can’ I am guessing it is associated with experience of an uplifted state.

The spiritual eye, also referred to as the third eye or single eye, is seen midway between the eyebrows behind closed uplifted eyes or partially open uplifted eyes. It is seen not with our physical eyes but with our inner vision. The spiritual eye when seen perfectly is an intense deep blue round field surrounded by a brilliant golden ring and in the center of the blue field is a silvery white five pointed star.

Savitri Simpson in her book Chakras for Starters gives tips for seeing the spiritual eye. “To see the spiritual eye gaze deeply into, and behind, the darkness you behold at the point between the eyebrows when your eyes are closed. The more intently you gaze, with deep calmness, the sooner you will behold at the center of that darkness an island-like area of blue or violet light, surrounded, perhaps, by a faint circle of white or yellow. The light may be dim at first, but it will present the beginning of what will take shape, in time, as the spiritual eye, as described above. Remember not to strain. Rather, simply channel your awareness calmly, and with a feeling of joyous aspiration, to that point. Whether or not you behold the spiritual eye, by meditating at that point your consciousness will gradually rise until at last it passes the portals of human awareness and enters the state of ecstasy, or superconsciousness. In this state of ecstasy, the consciousness penetrates the spiritual eye and enters the inner realms.” This book is available at Crystal Clarity.

The ultimate goal of our meditation practice is to enter into superconscious awareness, that level where we can experience and eventually merge into the Divine Presence or God. In their daily lives most people seek fulfillment outside themselves in the world but satisfaction there is never complete. True joy, true satisfaction really can only be found in connection with the Divine. I encourage you to keep your awareness at the spiritual eye at the point between the eyebrows, as long and as often as you can. If you would like to learn more about meditation and concentrating at this point I encourage you to explore our meditation training. A great place to start is our free mini-course.

Many Blessings,
Nayaswami Mukti

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