Is What I Am Seeing the Spiritual Eye?


Hi, Sometimes when am in the dark, maybe before sleep or so, I close my eyes and look in between eyebrows, I see a small golden circle surrounding dark hole. Hoping this to be the spiritual eye. I try to look at it, but then it disappears. I am not able to make it appear again unless it comes on its own. What should be my approach to this?

—Ramya, USA


Dear Ramya,

Yes, this is the spiritual eye. In the beginning it appears not clearly, and unfortunately it tends to disappear, as if it had its own will. Keep gazing there, calmly, with focus. When it appears, try to look at its center, trying to get closer to it. It will disappear again and again. But keep at it, not only before sleep, but during meditation. Do you know the Hong-Sau technique? In the last part of it you abandon the technique and only focus at the spiritual eye.

Here, for your inspiration, is how Swami Kriyananda learnt about it, the very first day he entered into Yogananda’s ashram (from The New Path):

My first evening at Mt. Washington, Rev. Bernard visited me in my room. “Master wants me to give you instruction in the art of meditation,” he said. He taught me an ancient yoga technique of concentration, and added some general counsel.

“When you aren’t practicing this concentration technique, try to keep your mind focused at the point between the eyebrows. This is called the Christ center, because when Christ consciousness is attained one’s awareness becomes centered here.”

“Would it help,” I asked, “to keep my mind focused there all day long as well?”

“Very much! When Master lived in his guru’s ashram he practiced keeping his mind fixed there all the time.

“And another thing,” Bernard added, “this is also the seat of the spiritual eye. The more deeply you concentrate your gaze at this point, the more you’ll become aware of a round light forming there: a blue field with a bright, golden ring around it and a silvery white, five-pointed star in the center.”

“This isn’t just a subjective experience?” I inquired. “Does everybody see it?”

“Everybody,” he assured me, “provided his mind is calm enough. It’s a universal reality, like the fact that we all have brains. Actually, the spiritual eye is the astral reflection of the medulla oblongata, at the base of the brain. I’ll tell you more about that some other time.

“For now, suffice it to say that energy enters the body through the medulla, and that by the sensitive application of will power one can actually increase this energy-inflow. The Christ center is the body’s seat of will power, and also of concentration. Notice how, whenever you concentrate deeply, or strongly will something to happen, your mind is drawn automatically to this point. You may even tend inadvertently to frown a little in the process. By concentration on the Christ center, your will power will increase. Consequently, the amount of energy flowing in through the medulla oblongata increases also. And with this greater flow, the spiritual eye forms naturally in the forehead.

“Through concentration on the spiritual eye, the consciousness gradually becomes attuned to the subtle rate of vibration of this light. At last one’s consciousness, too, takes on the quality of light. That is what Jesus meant when he said, ‘If thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.’ It is in this purified state of awareness that ecstasy comes.”

May the inner sun shine brightly upon you,