The Promised Land


I'm Jewish. I do believe in God, but as a people, we believe the Messiah has not yet come. Therefore, while I believe that Jesus was probably a great man and leader, I do not believe he was the Messiah. I have a deep apprecation for Paramhansa Yogananda, meditate and practice yoga, but want to deepen my spirituality. Can I learn Kriya Yoga?

—ellsj, usa


Dear Soul Friend,

I, too, was born and raised in an observant Jewish home, and I have been practicing Kriya for nearly 40 years. Religious beliefs can sometimes limit rather than clarify our understanding. They are usually based in some deep spiritual truth, but through the ages and due to human imperfection, the meaning behind these beliefs can become distorted.

The story of Moses is inspiring and deeply symbolic. He lead his “people” out of “slavery” and into the “promised land.” They passed decades in the “desert” where Moses received and gave the “Laws of God.”

In this story Moses is a messiah, come to lead people to freedom. But what was the nature of their slavery? We see that in the desert they made a Golden Idol and began to worship it – symbolic of their egoic, material desires.

Our slavery is self-imposed, and the task-master is the ego. A spiritual master comes, and many have come throughout human history, to show people how to free themselves from inner bondage. They are the Lawgivers for their followers, showing them the inner disciplines that will lead them to freedom.

For many souls their messiah has come, and they are following that master through the desert to their freedom in the promised land of Self-realization. Other souls have yet to seek their messiah.

But you are seeking, and you will find your way to inner freedom. Kriya Yoga will help you find the way which is your way, by introducing you to the Promised Land that lies within your own Self. There are many centers of Kriya in the US where you can learn about Kriya. Try it out and see if it helps you to deepen your spirituality.

What Moses did for the Hebrew people enslaved in Egypt, Kriya Yoga can do for your immortal Self, enslaved by the ego.