True visions


while meditating, I’ve been seeing a question mark and then a man, dressed in white, blindfolded (white blindfold as well). Any help interpreting this would be greatly appreciated! <3

—Lisa, United States


A true vision or just a subconscious manifestation can only be interpreted by you. One key to realizing if this is a hallucination of the subconscious or a vision of the superconscious is listening to the feeling in your heart. Also, like a dream state, it depends on if you have any connect with the symbols. If there is a message for you and it is from a superconscious state you will begin to feel a blessing with it. The blessing brings the feeling of expansion. Use your intuition to see if you feel a rightness and lightness in your heart. Try not to be attached to any conscious ideas on what the message might be and at the same time mentally hold the image to the Light while meditating. I think your answer will come from within. Many Blessings on your efforts.

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