What is Magnetism?



In this answer some kind of magnetism is mentioned by Jayadev ji. The same is mentioned in the "Holy Science" by Sri Yukteswar. (Treta yuga is age of magnetism). What magnetism is this? What is magnetism?

—Siddharth Kumar, India


Dear Siddharth,
Magnetism is the magnetic field which every living being has around the body. It both protects and attracts.

It also projects our consciousness to the outer world: our magnetic field can be black, white or filled with the rainbow colors. And people feel it: “This is a dark person”, or “This person is full of light.”

Our magnetism is determined by our mind. For example, a fearful mind magnetically attracts the situation it fears. An aggressive magnetism attracts violence from the environment. A positive magnetism invites spontaneous smiles and kindness from others. And so on.

Our magnetism can be weak or strong. Yogananda gives a lot of advice on how to strengthen our magnetism. The stronger our inner energy, the stronger our magnetic field (aura). This is one reason why his energization exercises are so precious.

The maxims are this:

The stronger the will the stronger the flow of energy. The stronger the energy, the stronger the magnetic field.

That strong magnetic field must have a positive and luminous mind behind it, otherwise, we strongly attract negativity.

So what I said in that answer is basically this: if you have developed a strong spiritual magnetism which magnetically draws people, which spontaneously makes them ask you questions, then you may share and instruct. Otherwise, giving unasked advice and lessons isn’t useful, usually.