What Is That Magnetic Force Between My Hands?


Respected sir/madam...

When I do pranayama,at the end session when I pray keeping both palms at a distance, I feel a force between the palms.....a kind of attractive force....Would you please tell me its reason? I will be highly obliged for this.....

—parvathy, India


Dear Parvathy,

What you are experiencing is an energy flow (prana) between the hands. It feels magnetic.

Energy flows through the body all the time, but correct pranayama practice increases that flow. Sincere prayer increases it more. And the palms are very sensitive; this is why you feel the magnetic flow there.

The body of the average man is like a fifty-watt lamp; pranayama can create up to a billion watts in the body, so the yogis explain.

It can happen that you feel that magnetic force also between the feet and the floor if you sit on a chair as you pray and meditate, or in other ways.

Yogananda writes that yogis bless others with that strong energy-flow: through the hands, the eyes, and through the feet too.

Try this exercise to deepen your perception: rub your palms together strongly for a minute, concentrating on the energy which you are consciously stimulating in your hands. Then separate them a little bit, palms facing, and move them a little closer and farther from each other. You might feel that same attractive force. It is prana, and a wonderful thing to explore.

You are becoming sensitive to energy. In time try to feel it in your spiritual eye and in the heart chakra. When the energy gathers in the heart, you might get a wonderful feeling of devotion there.

Keep praying; keep doing pranayama; meditate. The more you think of God as you do so, the holier the prana experience will feel to you.

Here is a prayer from Yogananda from his Whispers of Eternity, which you might find inspiring:

Father, let me feel Thee as the electricity of life,
moving the machinery of my bones, nerves, and muscles.
In every heart-throb, every breath, every burst of vital activity,
teach me to feel Thy power.

In other words, it is an aspect of God you are feeling.

In divine friendship,