Where to Direct Our Love


I'm having difficulty understanding the concept of "be more loving and you will attract love." This is something I hear repeatedly from many teachings. However, I'm don't understand who to be loving towards - Myself, God, others? Where do I start? Is there a prayer or affirmation? Thank you



We can’t love anything – yourself, God, or others – in the abstract. We need to start from our own heart and feel a flow of energy (which is God’s love for all) flowing through us.

In Swami Kriyananda’s book, “Living Wisely, Living Well,” he writes, “How can one love everyone on earth? Here is one way: Reflect that God’s nature is Satchidananda – ever-existing, ever-conscious, ever-new Bliss. He, the Creator, gives to each of us the motivation to seek bliss as our true nature, also. Everyone on earth hungers for that fulfillment, though people usually seek it indirectly. Isn’t this reason enough to love, and to be compassionate toward, every being on earth?”

In meditation, as the hold of the ego begins to dissolve our ingrained sense of separateness, we naturally begin to feel our unity with all. Then as we feel our common purpose in life – seeking the joy of our own nature – the natural love of the heart flows through us. Then we become magnets for love to flow back to us – from God, from others, from the very universe.

Never think about what you will get in return, but give love freely and generously to all. In that consciousness, you will find everything that you are seeking.