Who Was Melchizedek in the Old Testament?


Hello,would you tell me about Melchizedek,who he is and his mission and work in creation.Thank you.

—jim, United States


Dear Jim,

Melchizedek played the dual role of King and priest. Yogananda never mentions him, as far as I know, therefore I don’t know much about him.

If he was, as some think, indeed like God in form (the “logos” incarnated), he was what is called in yogic terminology, an avatar, with a divine mission. Some avatars have a long-range mission, as Krishna or Christ. Others have a momentary mission. There are numerous avatars. If Melchizedek was such, he had a mission on Earth as an instrument of God. But I don’t know.

He wouldn’t, however, be “greatest of the greatest.” No avatar, according to Yogananda, is greater than any other. Only God is great, and these beings are simply pure instruments of Him.

The fact that Yogananda doesn’t mention him seems to indicate to me, as his disciple, that it is better to concentrate on avatars who have a current important mission here on Earth. But you may figure this out, of course, for yourself and intuit who and what Melchizedek was.

If he was a true instrument of God, he came to bring you to Him. That is, usually, the mission of all avatars and prophets. You can see it in this Bible verse: “And Melchizedek king of Salem… was [is] the priest of the most high God.”

God-speed to you,