Why Are People Angry at Me?


1 year before i start meditation and affirmation, but now almost every man are get angry to me! im really scare right now.. how i can solve this problem? please help me

—proincm, malaysia


Dear Proincm,

I am very sorry to hear of the difficulty in your life right now, with people becoming angry at you.

From such a short letter it is difficult to know the source of your problem, but I can share with you something that has been helpful to many people: it is a prayer given by Yogananda, which I call the Peace and Harmony prayer.

The results of people using this prayer have been so positive that I wrote an article about the prayer for Clarity magazine. Please read about it.

The prayer is very simple:

You think of someone who is angry at you, and for one minute you pray: “Lord, fill him with peace and harmony, peace and harmony.”

Then, you think about yourself, and for 15 seconds pray: “Lord, fill me with peace and harmony, peace and harmony.”

Yogananda recommends using this prayer 5 times a day. It takes less than 2 minutes to do.

You can do it when you awake and before bed. Perhaps you could use it before or after your meditation, or whenever you have a thought about someone who is angry at you. Please read the article about it and try to use this prayer immediately. I hope it will help you.

In divine friendship,