How is our current Dwapara yuga different from the last Dwapara yuga? Were there smartphones, Internet and other similar technologies in the last Dwapara yuga? And is the change of yugas always catastrophic?

—Siddharth Kumar, India


Hi Kumar,

The different yugas are levels of consciousness. So the current Dwapara yuga and the last Dwapara yuga are manifesting the same consciousness. Given that, there is every possibility that smartphones and other similar technologies existed in prior Yuga Cycles. When man’s consciousness moves into Dwapara, his ability to cognize the Internet appears. Yogananda said that “thoughts are universally not individually rooted”. This means that the ability to create the internet always exists. It is only when man’s consciousness raises to that level, can those thoughts be understood and utilized. In higher ages, smartphones will not be needed. All of our “great technologies” will be transcended. We will communicate in an entirely different way. If you get the chance, buy Joseph Selfie’s and David Steinmetz”s book The Yugas. I gives an excellent explanation of of the Yugas and how they fit together. Change is always hard for man. The transition period between yugas is always a bit chaotic. Whether it is catastrophic probably depends upon which of the yugas is being left behind and which one is being entered.