Thank You, God

Miracle of Tithing

The secret of Ananda’s survival has always been one simple practice: “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all these things will be added unto you.” God is the great Giver. To receive the most from Him, we need to be on His wavelength of Giving—spiritually, energetically, mentally, and materially. Ananda is fundamentally different from “the world.” Worldly people … Read More

Worshipping Our Mistakes
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Worshipping Our Mistakes

Worshipping Our Mistakes In the early days of Paramhansa Yogananda’s work in Los Angeles, a small group of disciples lived with him at his Mount Washington ashram. Despite this blessing, one young woman was drawn to leave the ashram and marry. After a few years, she realized marriage was not what she wanted, and she came back to live in … Read More

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Living in the Presence of the Guru

A lot of times instead of going up the mountain of God-realization, we’re going down and we can’t even remember where the peak is. We hit some of those walls of pain, confusion, or stress and we can’t maintain the same level of intensity in our spiritual practices.

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A Powerful Tool for Healing Conflict

The “peace and harmony” prayer is extremely potent. Its simplicity and clear focus direct the mind toward attunement with God and give us a practical way to draw God’s grace in important aspects of our life. I also believe there’s a special blessing in the prayer.

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Become Bigger than the Problem

Suddenly, from somewhere behind him, a dagger was thrown that pierced the heart of the Buddha. David responded with shock, anguish, and a sense of betrayal.

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The Guru’s Grace

As early as I can remember, Mom’s greatest dread, and therefore mine, was that she would become incapacitated and have to live for many years in a nursing home.

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The Courage to Act

Living by intuition deepens our spiritual life tremendously, but to do so takes more courage than one might think.

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Who is Really in Charge of Our Lives?

From the kitchen I heard the sound of a low flying borate bomber and wondered if there was a fire nearby.