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Dear Karthini, This is a question we have all asked at some point in our path back to oneness. One answer is that “God wants to enjoy himself through many”. Another answer is “God is Joy, and it is the ... Read More

Do We Each Create Our Own Universe?

Hi Santosh, This is a question we have all asked at some time in our spiritual search. The only answer we find is to go deep in meditation and touch “that which is”. In the past we have spent most ... Read More

God Realized Master

Dear Niraj, I could not find any where in Paramhansa Yogananda’s writing or lectures that he claimed to be God Realized. I did find in one instance when he was speaking with a devotee where he said “he who says ... Read More


Dear Katherine, Death of someone so young is hard to understand and difficult to endure without the spiritual path. Your heart hurts and all you can do is pray for your brother and his partner. For the child, the situation ... Read More


Hi Kumar, The different yugas are levels of consciousness. So the current Dwapara yuga and the last Dwapara yuga are manifesting the same consciousness. Given that, there is every possibility that smartphones and other similar technologies existed in prior Yuga ... Read More

Purpose of Life

Hello Jishnu, In the broadest sense, the purpose of life is to merge back into God. We came from God and we will all return at some time. God is Sat Chit Ananda. What everyone is doing is trying to ... Read More

Beginning to Meditate

Hi Hamza, Do you get headaches at other times or only when you are pushing hard? Meditation is not about doing, it is about being. If you push yourself during your meditation time you will run into problems. Swami Kriyananda ... Read More

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