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Is Jesus Christ a Guru?

Jesus Christ is one of the gurus on the Ananda path of Self-Realization. Paramhansa Yogananda stated that in the divine plan, Jesus Christ was responsible for the evolution of the West, and Babaji, for that of the East. It was intended that the West specialize in developing objectivity through logic and reason and that the East specializes in inner, intuitive … Read More

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Expand Your Light – Visualization and Affirmation by Swami Kriyananda

Connect with the light of your heart, and let it expand to fill your whole being, body, mind and feeling. Continue to expand your light, transforming all darkness into light, and blessings all creatures, in this short powerful guided visualization and affirmation on expanding your light by Swami Kriyananda, read by Nayaswami Diksha. Here you can find more information about … Read More

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The Longing to Be Free

Tips for Getting Closer to God from Swami Kriyananda To desire salvation sincerely, even once, is to enter upon the path to eventual freedom. For all desires must be fulfilled. Even so, this one desire, once entrenched in the heart, cannot but lead eventually to liberation.   –The Essence of Bhagavad Gita How to enter meditation Try to center your consciousness … Read More

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Prosperity Visualization and Affirmation by Swami Kriyananda

What you can do is limited, but what God can do through you is unlimited, as long as you keep yourself open to that flow. Open yourself to the divine flow of abundance, in this short powerful guided visualization and affirmation on prosperity, by Swami Kriyananda, read by Nayaswami Diksha, at Thy wealth flows into me and through me. … Read More

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The Healing Power of Meditation

One important benefit is the healing of the nervous system. Meditation gives peace. Inner peace is like a lubricating oil that enables the machinery of our lives to function smoothly. Without mental peace, our emotions, and the various challenges that we face in life create inner stress that can lead to a physical and nervous breakdown. Negative emotions create blocks … Read More

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25 Days Off the Ground

In January of 2019, my husband Gyandev and I traveled to India. He went to northern India to share Ananda Yoga at the Ananda centers in Delhi, Pune, and Mumbai while I headed to the Ayurvedic resort in Kerala in southern India. We were to lead a tour group on an Ayurvedic Healing Retreat at the resort and I was … Read More

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Be Still and Know

“The soul cannot be confined within man-made boundaries. Its nationality is Spirit. Its country is Omnipresence.” – Paramhansa Yogananda Through our sixth sense, intuition, we can experience the truth of this statement. “Intuition is that power of Spirit inherited by the soul by which truth is perceived directly, without the medium of any other faculty. As the vastness of the … Read More