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Why to Raise Our Energy

Watch Sundara explaining this spiritual truth during his inspiring Sunday Service at Ananda Village.

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Ego, Friend or Foe?

Watch this beautiful Sunday Service with Sundara and Nayaswami Parvati and Pranaba at Ananda Village.

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“Find abundance in me, not in your bank account.”

Finances are tough for everyone, especially now and usually the thought is “We must save and pinch our pennies!” Now this isn’t a bad thing, in fact we should be smart with our money, but with everything on the spiritual path, the question should be, “Am I being more contractive or more expansive?” Even though we might have to create … Read More

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Sharing Nature with High School Students

This year I’ve been teaching a class at Ananda’s Living Wisdom High School entitled, “Sharing Nature Leadership Training.” The Sharing Nature with Children book series was written by Ananda Village member Joseph (Bharat) Cornell and is used in virtually every part of the world. Joseph wrote the Sharing Nature activities to give inspiring nature experiences and to bring participants (both … Read More

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Make My Heart a Hermitage

My inspiration in writing this was Swami Kriyananda’s new book on renunciation, A Renunciate Order for the New Age. Also my own desire to be a monk… but also to be married. The old cloistered form of monasticism says you need to renounce and “get away from the world” to find God. One might say that monastics living a reclusive … Read More