Nayaswami Jaya

The Carping Spirit

I was chatting recently with a gentleman about my regard for someone who seemed to be a good man and well intentioned.  My acquaintance remarked, “Yes, I agree, but …..” before proceeding to air his grievances about this person, pointing out one perceived fault after another.  I reflected on why my critic friend felt such…

Good Posture

I met Swami Kriyananda in late 1968 and began serving at the Ananda Meditation Retreat in California’s Sierra Nevada foothills the following April.  At that time, Swamiji was still living in San Francisco but he would sometimes come to the retreat on weekends to lead public programs or to enjoy a few days of meditation…

Sports are reflective of the culture and consciousness of a country. The game of Cricket honors a spirit of fair play, rule of law, order, leisurely pace, and gentlemanly virtue, and I think it matters that these are the traits with which India identifies, and to which it aspires.

India is a resilient country and the people find a way to navigate just about anything. Compared to everything else Indians face, fighting traffic is a minor bother.

Diwali symbolizes the conquest of good over evil, the ascendance of light in the midst of darkness and, on a deeper level, the return of the soul to its true kingdom in God from its “exile” in the land of the senses.

Indians love ceremonies and really do them well.

Guru Nanak displayed an inclination toward mysticism and he is said to have achieved enlightenment at the age of thirty after a deep samadhi of many days.

The smooth, black stone in the Badrinath temple has upon it, in relief, an image of a yogi sitting in meditation pose. The image looks strikingly similar to the drawing of Mahavatar Babaji — in our Kriya Yoga tradition, an incarnation of Lord Krishna. It is said that the stone is not carved and that the image on it occurred naturally.

Question from R.Nandini: Hi , I have started practicing meditation everyday. Can i focus my attention on the form of any Indian God…

Understanding Ganesha

Ganesha, the elephant-headed God, is honored throughout India and has come to be one of the most universally recognized images of Hinduism, a symbol of cultural identity and a force for unity in a land of disparities.