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Meditation’s Sound of Silence

Our Inner ‘Contrast Land’ Do you remember when you first started to meditate? Do you remember the moment when you set out on your path to enlightenment, to God and Self-realization? Wasn’t that a most wonderful time?! Didn’t you receive a special blessing at the beginning of your spiritual journey? Weren’t you blessed by some precious, special glimpses of the … Read More

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A Mindful Meditation and Conversation with the Brain

Intellectual people love the mechanism of the brain— Dear Brain, you are so wonderful. You let me think in a million ways… The brain is obviously very proud and happy about these words. On the other hand, those who meditate probably have a different conversation: Mr. Brain, you are simply a huge obstacle. Your restless mind is a constant nuisance … Read More

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Autobiography of a Yogi

A Worldwide Spiritual Classic The Autobiography of a Yogi is famous and beloved all over the globe, acclaimed alike by saints and sinners, scientists, and philosophers. It is cherished by secluded yogis, busy householders, business persons, street vendors, men and women in the East and West, readers young and old. In short, Paramhansa Yogananda’s biography is read by people of … Read More

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The True Meaning of Discipleship

The Law of Love Paramhansa Yogananda said that the purpose of life is to find God. We may similarly say that the purpose of life is to: Find your true Self End the long exile of the soul Find the way back home Return to the heavenly joy once known but lost All of these aspirations involve a special law … Read More

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The Magnificent Bird of Paradise

The Mystery of Suffering Your soul–the essence of your being, consists of pure bliss (sat-chid-ananda), as the great Masters teach us. But do you feel this bliss right now? Probably not. Instead, we all suffer, go through hard times, and have lives that can be amazingly tough. Why is that? How can that be? It seems impossible, given the inherent … Read More

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Spiritual Renewal Every Day

How could we experience spiritual renewal day by day, every day? Think about it – spiritual renewal every day is quite an ambitious goal. How could such a daily renewal truly and practically work for all of us? The answer is this: It must definitively be fun, inspiring, fresh, and colorful just like a rainbow. Otherwise, after a short while, … Read More

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…But Why Do I Need a Guru?

I am a sincere person who wants to mature, learn, and evolve. Why should I need a guru for that? I have my own legs to walk with, my own head to think with, my own heart to guide me, my own will to get me to my goals in life. Why should I let someone else decide for me? … Read More

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A Meditating World

In this article we will fly high, soaring on the wings of visualization and imagination. Our wings will be the dream of a world in peace. We will picture a globe that is following the wise words of the Dalai Lama: If every eight-year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one … Read More

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The Power of Expectation

In his youth, Swami Kriyananda discovered an amazing law of life – the Power of Expectation. He describes this law in The New Path: I hit upon what was, as far as I knew then, a novel theory: To be lucky, expect luck. Don’t wait passively for it to come to you, but go out and meet it halfway. With … Read More

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The Free Soul of Swami Kriyananda

At Ananda Assisi, eight years ago — on April 21, 2013 — Swami Kriyananda left his body. It isn’t easy to understand in depth the blessings he brought to us by his mere presence. It is often difficult to understand the true essence of those who are so familiar to us, those we live with, and those we feel we … Read More