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Chalk Lines from the Air

At the Ananda Temple of Light in Ananda Village today where they have set out chalk lines outlining the building and are starting to dig the ground. I made an aerial video which goes up 400 ft. (Music by Coig).

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Dedication Weekend for Ananda Laurelwood

Editor’s note (2019): the center and retreat at Laurelwood has moved out of the hands of Ananda after many years. We wish it the best in the next phase of its life! Workers were out all over the property when we arrived on Saturday. Building a chicken coop, raising fence around garden, hauling trash, building an altar, cleaning, installing windows, … Read More

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Ananda Tucson

Many inspired and dedicated souls are, for many reasons, unable to live in Ananda communities.  So they read the website and books by Paramhansa Yogananda, Swami Kriyananda and others. They meditate. When possible many visit our communities worldwide for inspiration, renewal and spiritual satsang fellowship. Yogananda said that “Environment is stronger than will”.  In order to create an environment around … Read More

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God Reminders in Daily Life

As devotees we always strive constantly to think of the Divine. Swami Kriyananda says in his book, Affirmations for Self-Healing, “One should not strain, nor reach outward mentally, to think of God. Think not merely about Him: Think to Him. Share with Him your passing feelings, your idlest fancy. Talk with Him. Practice His presence – at first, perhaps, for … Read More

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Vacationing with Spirit

While we live at Ananda Village, when we vacation (as opposed to seclusion), we like to travel and see other parts of the country and world. Currently we are traveling in the Southwest U.S. backroads, towing a travel trailer with our pickup which gives us a little sanctuary with our vibration. I have never visited much of this area before … Read More

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Live from Ananda Village

First live broadcast today of Swami Kriyananda talk from our new amphitheater. Last night, crews were still laying cables to bring power, lighting, sound and AnandaBell DSL. That on top of a new shade tarp. Truly amazing feat considering this is all our own system. We set up and tested the connection on Thursday then again first thing Friday morninge … Read More

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Landmark Event at Ananda Village

Watching Swami in Italy watch us Last Monday, on May 19, 250 devotees in 7 different colonies celebrated Swami Kriyananda’s Birthday with a LIVE video conference. Early Dwapara Yuga sees many technological and social advancements. For instance, we have long offered the time shifting capabilities of viewing recorded videos of Sunday Services or recent talks by Swami Kriyanananda on our … Read More

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Jesus as a Yoga Master

“I wasn’t sent to the West,” Yogananda often told his audiences, “by Christ and the great masters of India to dogmatize you with a new theology. Jesus himself asked Babaji to send someone here to teach you the science of Kriya Yoga, that people might learn how to commune with God directly. I want to help you to attain actual … Read More

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Be restful in your heart.

“Be restful in your heart” is one of the daily sayings from Swami Kriyananda writing in his small book called “Do It Now” (now: Living Wisely, Living Well) Sunset During Seclusion Upon reflection, during this past week’s seclusion, it seemed that as I have been less caught up in daily “to do’s” and requests, I noticed that as the week … Read More

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Seclusion Day 1

St Francis pond below our home. As part of our spiritual practice here at Ananda Village, we are urged to take seclusions regularly. Perhaps just a day here and there, and to at least annually take a week-long seclusion, as a balance to all of our busy outward service activities. In fact, employees like me, who work for Ananda Businesses … Read More