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Healing Prayers for the World with Surendra and Lorna

Join us in these 20 minutes of coming together to strengthen light in the world — with a brief talk and meditation followed by group affirmation and visualization for world blessing. Affirmation: “God’s light is within me and around me. With the sword of faith in my hand, with the love of God in my heart, I am a warrior of light. … Read More

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I See You!

I said nervously, “He sounds creepy.” My son is a young adult who feels every conversation has unseen potential for self-discovery and conversations with strangers hold huge adventure potential. I tend to be introverted and protective of my comfort zone and since he doesn’t share either of those traits, a “stranger” becomes a friend as soon as he knows their … Read More

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I was once a part of a team writing spiritual curriculum for children and had the fascinating assignment of writing the story for the Easter lesson (read the story). It was fascinating and challenging because I was asked not to refer to the physical resurrection of Jesus Christ. This group took a more scholarly approach to the life of Christ … Read More

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Discovering the Chakras at Home Depot

Power is one of the eight aspects of God. I had lessons to learn about power and self-assertion, and my Guru had put me in Home Depot to develop this quality. That fiery power was right in front of me and I watched myself avoid it.

Scary News

Scary News

Learn how to prepare children for life in a scary world while also protecting their hearts and minds and nurturing their natural inner joy.

I Came from Joy!

I Came from Joy!

This is a beautifully conceived, non-sectarian tool for developing a child’s inner, spiritual life—ideal for parents, teachers, and religious educators.

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The Guru Script

I’ve seen two movies in recent months that kept me riveted to the screen. Both were dramatic survival stories about one person facing impossibly challenging circumstances alone. Both stories were portrayed by excellent actors, Sandra Bullock in the film Gravity, and Robert Redford in All is Lost. I was immediately sucked into both movies; caught up in the tense battle … Read More